Robert Richard Parker wheeled his new Caddy slowly down 42nd St., checking out the whores plying their trade to the middle aged white suburban men in their mini vans and station wagons. Bobby Dick, as he was know on the streets, was a pimp with a string of eight girls in his stable, all of them white, and all of them between eighteen and twenty. Most of the bitches were black or 'Rican, so BD's white stuff was a high priced commodity compared to the usual crap that sold for fifty bucks a pop! Down at the next corner he could see Jennifer, one of his top girls hopping out of a station wagon and retaking her place on the curb. He pulled the big Caddy over, rolled down the passenger side window, and waited for her to stick her head inside. "You doin' good for me tonight, bitch," he asked, when she came into ear shot?!? "Real good, Bobby," she said excitedly, "I've got over three hundred so far!!!" She reached down inside her bra and pulled out a wad of bills to show him she was telling the truth. He took the cash out of her hand and motioned her to get back to work, and as she pulled away from the window she asked hopefully, "When can we get together, Bobby, I really miss being with you?!?" "Soon, baby, soon," he answered impatiently, "I got business to attend to now, so get your ass back to work!!!" Jennifer smiled a little sadly, and watched as the big car accelerated into traffic.

On an average night Bobby Dick would take in over two thousand dollars, and although he had overhead, he cleared at least half what he took in. What he needed, however, was a new girl, because one of his bitches was about to turn nineteen, and he needed to replace her. He always wanted to make sure his whores looked young an fresh, because he was convinced they made more money in the long run! All of his girls were runaways, most from the Midwest, and most from broken homes, and while most of pimps tried to pick them up at the bus terminal, Bobby had always found that if he could get them maybe a week later, they were a lot more hungry and scared, and much easier to take advantage of! A few blocks over was a string of seedy run down bars and diners, just the place that someone with a belly full of hunger might gravitate to. He could always tell when he had a live one when a girl would just be hanging around the entrance to a cafe. He slowly drove past the swarm of bodies cruising the sidewalk, when he saw her, a thin white girl, walking slowly with her head down!